Saturday, January 19, 2008

"Green" Heart of Peoria - First Draft - Comments to

Green Heart of Peoria
Improve and Enhance our Environment
Live Close to Downtown and The River
Conserve Our Neighborhoods
Encourage Sustainable Development
Save Time and Energy - Walk to Work

Historic cities are inherently "Green". They were originally developed on transit systems and built at high density. Trips to work, shopping, and schools were made by walking or via a short streetcar ride. Historic communities were energy efficient.

Modern American urban development is auto oriented, with large homes on large lots distant from destinations. Modern suburban development is built at low density. Long auto trips use a great deal of energy.

But our historic areas have "hollowed out". Most downtowns have little retail, and a great deal of near in housing has been demolished.

The following are potential improvements to "Green" the Heart of Peoria:

The City will encourage developers create new green housing

Energy efficiency in new and existing homes are encouraged

Mixed use development will be emphasized

Walkability of the city will be encouraged

Energy efficient buildings will be strongly supported

Sedimentation & erosion controls will be enforced

The environment of the River's edge will be enhanced

Bike trails & racks will be emphasized

Transit will be maintained

Trees and natural landscaping will be planted

Renewable energy sources will be sought

Recycling will be supported

Air and water quality will be improved

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City of Peoria Economic Development said...

Good plan

Anonymous said...

Interesting plan. Will "Green" Play in Peoria?